Furby the tech based robot from manufacturer Hasbro


Wee-tee/kah/way-loh  is this the language you’ll be listening to when Furby arrives.

Just in case you didn’t know Wee-tee/kah/way-loh is Furbish for I love you – AHHH!

When is Furby’s release date

With a release date of late August this furry little friend has already been spotted on many top ten Christmas lists – latest of which is Argos.

Why are Furbies like Marmite?

Simple! We either love them or we hates them precious.

Could it be the non stop prattle (sorry Furbish) that he emits until somebody (you?) removes one of his 4 batteries.  Unfortunately nobody thought to give him an off switch – something about keeping him happy keeps him quiet.

1998 saw Furbies flying off the shelves and the new version has had a bit of a makeover.

What’s new about him?

This time he has even more (is that possible?) personality than ever and :-

  • he does still talk Furbish
  • is able to learn some English.
  • Has a smartphone app which kids can use to feed the pet.
  • Sensors
  • the ability to respond to human voices

Now he’s ready to conquer the 21st century kids.

The eyes show his emotions – they’re LCD and have graphics showing hearts, fire and he closes his eyes when its time to sleep.

This 21st century tech enhanced Furby from Hasbro can wiggle his ears and he can dance, he is much more interactive than his predecessor, with sensors in his head, back and stomach as well as an accelerometer which senses movement.

If you tickle his blue furry stomach he will laugh along with you.

40 years after it was first released will we see this little fella fly off our shelves again?

Back then Furby was all the rage and suppliers had a huge problem getting stock quickly enough – so great was the demand. Will this be the case this year?

I’m not keen on gambling, but I think I might risk a flutter on it being around the top of the Christmas toys for this year.

One thing that is for sure – there is a whole new generation of kids just waiting  and willing to fall quickly in love with this cute little guy.

What do you think of the new 2012 Furby?

Is he going to be top of your Christmas shopping list?

Will his babbling get on your nerves?

Do you already know someone who will adore him?

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